The 25 Groups

1. Prayer Warriors

To intercede for the actualization of the divine purpose of God for the MFM church

  • To offer continuous intercessory prayers for the growth, purpose and vision of the church
  • To intercede for the ministers and members
  • To pray for success of programmes, i.e, regular services and other special programmes



2. God's Violent Army - To be updated



3. Territorial Intercessors


  • To raise for the Kingdom of God, an army of people prepared for the Lord
  • To raise an army of God for the purpose of pulling down the strongholds and every structure that hinders the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To engage in violent prayer evangelism until the heavens of our continent, nations, cities, villages and communities are opened for the outpouring of the grace of God for salvation of souls of men from heaven
  • To deal with the wicked altars and territorial strongholds and pray violently for the release of the captives of these strongholds to the liberty in Christ Jesus
  • To raise an army of occupation who will stand on God's side and occu py till he comes to reign eternally
  • To pray and ensure possession of divine eternal inheritance for christians and subdue all satanic powers of the endtime
  • To train men with understanding of the Holy Bible, who will live the bible-life and abound in the obedience and grace of God
  • To provide sound spiritual basis for the growth of the gospel through evangelism by dealing with powers that hinder the growth of the word



4. Evangelism


  • To carry out the order of our Lord Jesus Christ "The Great Commission"
  • To organize and carry out crusades
  • To evangelize and plant churches
  • to publicize church programmes and activities



5. Ministry to Drug Addicts

Aims and Objective

  • To liberate all those who are labouring under the yoke and bondage of demons of hard drugs
  • To win souls captured by the kingdom of satan through drug addiction
  • To create awareness on the causes and dangers of drug addiction
  • To educate christians and non-christians on the spiritual consequences of drug abuse and drug addictions
  • To assist victims of drug addiction to rediscover themselves
  • To assist victims of addiction to develop and grow spiritually
  • To cater for the physical and material needs of drug victims until they are able to stand on their own
  • To rid the society of anti-social behaviours associated with lack of self-control as a result of drug addiction
  • To attract people who have passion for erring souls and train them as members of MTDA at every quarter
  • To regularly update the spiritual tempo of the members at least once a month



6. Ministry to Glorious Children

Our Vision
Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." The vision of the children ministry is derived from this scripture and it is "raising godly children today who will be role models tomorrow"
Our goal therefore in the ministry is setting the feet of our children in the way they should go, acknowledging their peculiar gifts so that when they grow up they will not depart from it; and building godly character in them.

Our Mission 
Nurturing boys and girls in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ using a widely varied curriculum, providing discipline in the word of God so as to establish them for Christian living and for exploits. Therefore our mission is to train up and train forth the potentials of each child and helping each child to discover them.


7. Mission Outreach - To be Updated


8. Drama Evangelism - To be Updated


9. Music - To be updated


10. Visitation - To be Updated


11. Christian Tentmakers - To be Updated


12. Interpreters  - To be Updated


13. Counseling - To be Updated



14. Ushering

Mission Statement
To establish, stabilize and sanitize the body of Christ through quality service, to ensure orderliness, peace and unity among worshipers. 
Vision Statement
To be the vanguard of the church's spiritual and physical assets



15. Ministry to French Speaking Countries - To be updated



16. Tapes and Testimonies


To help spread the “WORD” of God to the whole world. - To be Updated



17. Praise and Worship


  • To praise and worship God in various services inside and outside MFM
  • To develop skilful praise and worship ministers
  • To lay emphasis on praising God in local and African dialects
  • To develop consistent holiness and true spirituality in the praise and worship minister



18. Technical - To be Updated



19. Prophetic - To be updated



20. Watchmen - To be updated



21. Ministry to Schools - To be updated



22. We Care


  • To cater for the physical and spiritual needs of the needy and the under privilege in our society
  • To provide voluntary service to the Lord and humanity
  • To evangelise to the poor and to the needy and to bring deliverance to the captives and preach message of the salvation and restore hope to those in the prison, remand homes, orphanage homes and the old people’s home



23. Tracts and Publication


To produce and publish evangelism materials such as tracts, books, bulletins, magazines, etc for evangelism of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ



24. Ministry to African Countries - To be updated



25. Hospital and Healing

Objectives and Functions

According to Isaiah 61:1-3

  • Attending to sick members during and after any service days
  • Organize and attend to the pregnant women every Tuesday for 2 hours between the hours of 10am and 2pm as it is convenient for the branch. This should not be joined with the expectant mothers’ meeting
  • Visit the sick in the hospital both on invitation or cold call
  • Form the HIV & AIDS committee
  • Organize training for new members within the church who are called to the ministry
  • To support other groups in medically related issues
  • Ensure effective running of the Balm In Gilead School
  • Ensure effective running of the MFM medical mission
  • Organize quarterly Mobile Healing Night in the branches


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