The MFM Women Foundation has at the helm of affairs . the wife of the General O verseer, Pastor (Dr)Mrs, Shade Olukoya, who is the international Coordinator. while the General Overseer himself is the international President of the Women Foundation. We then , have the governing council, which is then followed by the Central Working Committee. This is followed by the Heads of the various departments of Women Foundation. Thereafter, we have the Regional Coordinators followed by the Zonal Coordinators and then the Branch Coordinators. A diagrammatic representation of the Organogram of MFM Women Foundation is shown as follows:

It is the Governing Council of MFM Women Foundation that makes policies, guides, direct and regulates all the Women activities in MFM Ministries Worldwide.

The Central Working Committee Disseminates information to the Heads of Departments and the Regions and tries to implement the various policies mapped out by the governing council.

In MFM Regions, the wife of the Regional Overseer automatically becomes the Regional Coordinators or her appointee. At the MFM Zones, the wife of the Zonal Pastor or her appointee is the Zonal Coordinator. At the MFM Branches, the wife of the Branch pastor or her appointee is the Branch Coordinator. The Branch and Zonal Coordinators are responsible to the Regional Coordinators. All these Coordinators combined, are responsible and accountable to the international Coordinator,Pastor (Dr.) Mrs. Shade Olukoya.

Vision and Mission

Knowing the WORD OF GOD
Filled with the SPIRIT OF GOD
Doing the WILL OF GOD
Loving the PEOPLE OF GOD

Aims and Objectives

  1. To involve women of integrity in things of the Lord in MFM Ministries
  2. To bring women together in the spirit of unity, cooperation and love that would make them good ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. To train and produce Holy Spirit filled women for position of leadership in MFM worldwide and the society at large.
  4. To teach women on how to handle marital problems that may be confronting the women wing of the ministries 
  5. To make them more useful for the body of Christ, their families and humanity in general
  6. To allow them to operate within the spiritual frame work of their callings and also help develop their God-given potentials.
  7. To have a voice for sisters in the affairs of the ministry 
  8. To create a meeting place where general feminine matters can be discussed and addressed 
  9. To create an avenue whereby younger sisters can learn from older ones - having older women mentoring younger ones. 
  10. To develop women into leadership positions in the society
  11. To train women to become prayer eagles thereby preparing them to be battle-ready mandated to pull down strongholds 
  12. To address all matters relating to Christian homes as concerning women 
  13. To prepare an array of end-time Christian soldiers who will be ambassadors for the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries worldwide 
  14. To assist the less-privileged women in making a living and having a fulfilled life 
  15. To arrange for the development of skills that can be commercialized to arrest poverty in the lives of the needy and to give necessary assistance to widows who are in need 
  16. To groom and train women to become total women in all ramifications, so they can be relevant to both the society and the church especially in this 21st century.


Women Foundation Expectation

1.      Regular quarterly reports from each region home and abroad must be filed sent (by email, by hand, or DHL) to the Women Foundation Office at our H/Qs, Lagos Nigeria. By this we would be able to follow up on what you are doing and which area you need help. Failure to do so will attract a heavy fine and a five months suspension of the coordinator of such region.
2.      We want to encourage a regular (Twice a year) deliverance programs to be organized for women at the regional levels.
3.      Regular Prayer and fasting programs must be observed by all women.
4.      All programs must be planned and executed in line with God’s vision for MFM. For information about VISION FOR THE MISSION, contact the Women foundation office.
5.      Seminars, Workshops from time to time.
6.      Evangelism.
7.      Skill development programs
8.      Full information about proposed programs must get to the Women Foundation office at least Six weeks before the scheduled date for any event/programs to avoid clash in dates. Failure to do so may lead to cancellation of the proposed program; also note that when you want to host a program, you must submit along with the proposed program, names of invited speakers and their topics for approval.
9.      We shall disallow all unofficial ministration by any female at any of the women’s meetings. Meaning you cannot invite just any minister to your programs without prior knowledge of the WF office. We frown at the situation where people just pick and choose any minister they like.
10.  A lot more of charity work and welfare services to the less privileged in the local areas of our society shall be part of our focus.
Inauguration is based on the activities carried out in each region to impact the lives of the women. e.g. empowerment workshops, seminars on health, home keeping, prayer meetings, women deliverance etc.
At the beginning of every year, January to be precise, a proposed calendar/program of activities for the year should be submitted to Women Foundation Int’l HQ with the report of the previous year.


1. Well targeted prayer meetings held regularly 
2. Functional Bible study programs 
3. Educational Seminars on various issues 
4. Workshops 
5. Spiritual retreats - praying and fasting 
6. Crusades - Evangelism - winning souls for Jesus 
7. Leadership Training for women 
8. Vocational training - soap and candle making, tye-dye, etc. 
9. Welfare package including scholarships for children 
10. Bulk purchase of essential commodities



1. To handle and effectively co-ordinate the activities of MFM women deliverance 
2. To introduce MFM Women College. This college will teach only courses related to women affairs such as: marriage, good family, women and children, evangelism ministry. 
3. To monitor the activities of MFM women ministers at all levels 
4. To introduce yearly seminars or convention on women affairs 


MFM Women Foundation has 7 departments namely:

  1. Women Affairs                                                         
  2. Women College                                                       
  3. Women Empowerment                                        
  4. Women’s Health
  5. Women Leaders
  6. Pastors and Ministers’ Wives
  7. Women Secretariat/Publications


Each department has a head overseeing it:


1.   Women Affairs

This department caters for the highly-favored single sisters in the Ministry as well as the youth Sisters. Seminars and Conferences are held to address matters concerning them.


2.  Women College

The college was set up to cater for the educational needs of Women in MFM. It has three departments , viz:

  1. Adult Literacy
  2. Remedial Studies
  3. Finishing School

At the moment, Women College is being run at the MFM International Headquaters, MFM prayer City Region and MFM Ijaye Region.


3.   Women Empowerment

This department comprises the Women Professionals. Conferences, seminars and workshops are held to train and help empower these professional women so they can become women of substance and repute.


4.   Women’s Health

This department caters for the health of women through workshops and seminars addressing issues peculiar to the health of women.


5. Women Leaders:

Leadership is about influencing other women positively. It is about giving direction and making a godly impact on others.


6. Ministers and Pastors Wives

This organizes prayer meetings, seminars, workshops on vocational skills for the Physical and spiritual well-being of the Pastor's wives.


7. Publication and Secretariat

This department helps to disseminate all the information concerning women's programs.


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