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I thank God for letting me know about Tithes and Offering. Before I joined this church, I used to make pledges and pay dues. I never knew I was robbing God. Today I am paying my Tithe for the first time in over 60years. I thank God for this new beginning in my life at this old age as a senior citizen.


Lady J. Bush




I would like to give thanks to the Lord for the great deliverance he did upon my life. I thank God for bringing me to this ministry. I thank God for his mercy upon my life


Sister Facia



I give God all the glory for his mercy upon my life. For 3 years there was an embargo upon my Licence. I could not work and I have 3 children. Last month, in July 2011, I received a letter in the mail. The embargo upon my licence in form of probation has been lifted. Praise the Lord.


Sister Pauline



Praise God. Just right now in the church as I sat down the Lord delivered me of so many things and I could see the head, arms, hands, legs of the strogman in my life breaking to pieces so that he will not abuse me again. Hallelujah


Sister Mylette



I survived an accident with two children in the van with me. We came out without a scratch and the van was bent and crushed beyond recognition. Praise the Lord.


Sister Bisi



I thank for removing the garment of mourning from my life and giving me the garment of praise. He gave me a new song to sing. He has blessed me greatly. Thank you Father.



Sister Yinka

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