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This is the hour, the second and the time to come closer to your Creator, the Almighty God who is able to save you




Come and experience the power of God by wrestling with God. Surely you will be blessed because the Lord God is in this place


Eagles have VISION, have strength, are high flyers, fearless, tenacious, and responsible

Welcome to MFM Ministries, Providence Pavilion of Praise Branch

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries sets the foundation for strong spiritual relationship in the communities in Providence. We are dedicated to the advancement of propagating the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have literatures, CDs, DVDs and other materials for spiritual upliftment, education, poverty relief, and other beneficial activities to the community.

In addition to our church services, we organize regular meetings and activities so that our members can join together and support our communities from day to day.

We are always happy to meet new people - everyone is welcome!

To watch the Power against Spiritual Spouses

Ebola - The Noisome Pestilence

EBOLA has become a menace in the world today especially in West Africa. Brethren, do not fear or be dismayed. The Lord has given us instructions in the Book of Life. He has promised us that He will deliver us from the Noisome Pestilence and that no plague will come near our dwelling. Remember to always recite PSALM 91 day and night 


The Book of Leviticus have many divine instructions for us to abide with, the food we eat, the way to live and so on. Leviticus 11 gave the instructions about CLEAN AND UNCLEAN CREATURES. To read and know more about this, click here


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To download the 2014 Prophetic Utterance please click here

The Battle for the Ephod is out.

Do you want to learn about the 12 Tribes of Israel and the cost of Leadership? The 12 Tribes Leaders had their challenges, strength and weaknesses.

Do you want to break away from your past?

Do not miss this opportunity. Take back your EPHOD by fire.


To order for your click Here

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries is a full gospel ministry devoted to the communities where ever a branch is set up to provide outreach and resources to people and families through the 25 ministry groups such; Hospital /Healing Ministry, Ministry to Drug Addicts, Territorial Intercessors, Evangelism Team, Ministry to Glorious Children, Mission Outreach, We Care Ministry, Visitation Team, Tracts and Publications, The Counseling Group and many others.


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What We Do

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Providence Branch provide invaluable community services such as deliverance programs, books, seminars training, literatures, CDs,  and many more for diverse families 

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What Keeps Us Going

I give God the glory for my life. I was sick for 8 years. The God of MFM Ministries has healed and restored me. I am back to work, I got a new apartment, a new car and my new job increased my salary in less than 6 months. The healing power of God has restored all that was lost in those years which the enemies stole from my life. Praise the Lord.


Sister Bisi

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